Come learn about Google Cloud Platform by completing coding challenges and earn prizes! Most codelabs will step you through using a different parts of Google Cloud Platform. These challenges covers a wide range of topics such as Compute, Data, Mobile, Monitoring, Networking.

Setting up your account and project

  1. The instructor will provide you with a temporary username / password to login into Google Cloud Console.
  2. Login into the Cloud Console: with the provided credentials.
  3. Make sure you select the project that was pre-created for you.

Challenge FAQ

How do I earn stamps?

You can earn stamps by completing the coding challenges. You will earn a stamp for each challenge you complete. The more stamps you earn, the larger the prize you can win!

How do I earn "Advanced Coding Challenge" stamps?

Any challenges that take longer than 15 minutes estimated time will earn you an "Advanced Coding Challenge" stamp. E.g. "Load Data into Big Query"

How do I win prizes?

You can redeem prizes by turning in your stamp collection card. The more stamps you've earned, the more choices you have and the larger the prize you can win!

Here is what the stamps on the coding challenge can earn you: